A map of the Queensland Innovation Ecosystem

Caveats and descriptions

Work in progress and missing logos

Scope and context

Level of detail

Building on past work

Taxonomy / Categorisation

  • Coworking / Innovation Hubs: An innovation hub is distinguished as a physical or virtual space that has resources and programs dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build, grow, and scale. This is distinct from a coworking space which can also provide a shared work environment but does not have a stated purpose and supporting resources focused on startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Connection, Events, and Education: A catch-all for entities that support the entrepreneur journey but are not in the other categories. This includes what I refer to as “glue” agencies, seperate entities that bring the ecosystem together. Each region typically has one, such as Startup Mackay or Startup Toowoomba, and each state has an overarching entity such as The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, LaunchVic and StartupVictoria, and MeshPoints and StartupWA in Western Australia.
  • Accelerator, Incubator, and Ideation programs: Structured programs for supporting entrepreneurs that have a start and a stop and are typically cohort based. Some of these may be one-off and others are ongoing.
  • Hackerspace / Makerspace: Places that offer physical technologies to create, while not necessarily focusing on entrepreneurial outcomes. An over-emphasis on commercialisation can impact on the creative process, but the hacker tinkering with VR may come up with a new scalable piece of hardware.
  • Investment and Advisory: Investment from angel groups, venture capitalists, and other advisory groups with access to funds. These are outside of traditional banking financial institutions.
  • Corporations: These are companies active in supporting entrepreneurs through investment and public programs. This is an area in particular that will expand rapidly as more corporations who are doing great work in supporting entrepreneurs are added.
  • Government: These are the government agencies or entities that exist almost entirely on government funding with programs specifically for startups and entrepreneurs. There are many economic development departments in local governments that are investing in spaces and programs for entrepreneurs, and listing each may become an all or nothing approach. This will evolve.
  • Universities: Universities with programs specifically designed for supporting entrepreneurs beyond academic theory or traditional curriculum.
  • Current omissions: Current omissions that need to be added include dedicated entrepreneur media such as Beach City Media and research (CRCs, CSIRO, Data61). The map also does not get to the level of detail of individual service providers.

Next steps

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