• M.J. Wiersma

    M.J. Wiersma

  • Brian Hsi

    Brian Hsi

    Exploring intersections of civic engagement, technology, and networked communities. Tweets are my own.

  • Scott Middleton

    Scott Middleton

    CEO & Founder, terem.com.au. Australia’s fastest growing product development firm. Consulting to ASX100, tech cos, Govt. + Spin out products.

  • Roger Moyes

    Roger Moyes

  • christian wolf

    christian wolf

    WHITE SPACE - Conscious Business Coaching. Inspiring MoonShots beyond conceptual thinking! whitespace.wolf@aon.at

  • Scott Griffiths

    Scott Griffiths

    Engineer, Consultant, Trainer, Learner, SRE, DevOps and Hiker

  • Jacob Aldridge

    Jacob Aldridge

    An energetic business coach, speaker and author, I work with young businesses wanting to grow faster by leveraging the experience of others.

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