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  • Dmitriy Maslennikov

    Dmitriy Maslennikov

    Corporate innovation professional, startup development expert. Founder of Disruptive.vc - Startup and Corporate Accelerator

  • Leslie Delaforce

    Leslie Delaforce

    WA State Director @ Tank Stream Labs

  • Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett

    Exploring ideas, innovations, and technologies to help us survive and thrive in an increasingly complex world of accelerating change and chaos.

  • Elijah Eilert

    Elijah Eilert

    Helping companies to innovate. Lean Startup | Lean Innovation | Innovation Accounting

  • Nate Sturcke

    Nate Sturcke

    Corporate innovation, Startup Weekend, Founder Institute, black coffee and a good IPA

  • Jock Fairweather

    Jock Fairweather

    Trying: To help people cut through the noise and think more laterally about business. I’ve got: A passion for helping the underserved and underprivileged.

  • Phil Morle

    Phil Morle

    Deep tech VC — Main Sequence Ventures. Ecosystem builder. Maker. Director. Startup Scientist.

  • Stephen Bau

    Stephen Bau

    Designer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective. We are exploring how we imagine, design, and build the future together. https://bldrs.co

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