The Australian Financial Review Innovation Summit 2019 — reflections for Australia’s entrepreneur ecosystem

  • Current perspectives on Australia’s innovation strategy;
  • Themes from the summit around technology sentiment, tax policy, collaboration approaches, talent gaps, and crafting a national narrative; and
  • what this all could mean for local entrepreneur ecosystems.

A review of the innovation state of the nation


Opportunity and fear of innovation and technology

The long play of tax policy and collaborations

Talent gaps

Crafting the narrative

Personal reflections and next steps

We need to hack our summits and conferences

Practical application for local regions

  • Know and communicate the regions strengths, the thing that will attract people to be a part of what you are doing, the thing that they might not get anywhere else.
  • Engage local business and community to identify key challenges in the region around a focus area that might be addressed with new technology and new ways of thinking. Find out who this is a problem for and who would pay to have it addressed in your region, and where it might be applied in other regions globally. Identify local, national, and global partners in corporate, government, and university who could benefit from the exercise.
  • Develop a program of events to attract those who might solve the problem, and secure funds to support their journey. Align the program with local tourism activities for an experience that fully celebrates the local value.



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