Three models to measure innovation ecosystems

  • What is my local ecosystem?
  • How do I measure and assess the health of my ecosystem?
  • Where can I influence my ecosystem, and what will have the most effective results for the local entrepreneur and the region?

Model 1: Measuring Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Vibrancy, the Kauffman Foundation

Model 2: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Diagnostic Toolkit, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

  • Complexity: Number of indicators and the relevancy, accuracy and availability of the indicators
  • Geographic unit of analysis: institution, local, regional, state, national, and/or global
  • Depth of analysis: Specific to a single asset or institution, Basic SWOT analysis for benchmarking, or Comprehensive including linkages and key actors
  • Domain: Specific to a topic such as social enterprise, an industry such as manufacturing or agriculture, or other scope such as regional or public sector
  • Data collection: Methods use, and primary or secondary sources

Model 3: The Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index (REDI)

Practical application: Gamify ecosystem leveling up

Is something missing? — To what end?



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Chad Renando

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