What difference could you make? Impact Academy inspiration

If you could make any difference in the world, what would it be?

  • Prevent suicide in tradies?
  • Bring families together?
  • Increase efficiency and governance in not for profits?
  • Provide access to specialised tutoring support for anyone?
  • Improve farm yields in developing countries?
  • Provide anyone over 50 with access to employment while also tapping into the collective wisdom of older generations?
  • Improve support for and access to primary carers?
  • Provide support for anyone with an eating disorder?
  • Improve farming sustainability and reduce the environmental impact from the clothing industry?
  • Help those with a learning disability to read?
  • Improve effectiveness of charitable giving?
  • Provide housing for developing nations?

These were the responses from a dozen founders in tonight’s Impact Academy showcase. The cohort joins the ranks of over 80 companies that have progressed through the Brisbane-based social enterprise accelerator since 2014. The startups promise to scale not only their market and economic growth, but also their social impact on the world.

Here’s a rundown on the companies who pitched. Fresh from the accelerator, they are all taking their businesses and impact to the next level. Connect with them if you can add value or benefit from what they have to offer.

Nicole DysonMAYK

Nicole is the director of Future Learning at Education Changemakers, and she’s presenting her newest venture, Mayk, a tutoring platform that changes the way students connect with tutors.

Ross Prior — Priwan

Ross is the co-founder of Priwan, an agricultural enterprise growing crops in Uganda. Priwan represents a community employer, educator, and facilitator, bringing locals together. Ross has just returned from a Ugandan mission with a group of his friends from this cohort.

Kate PerryWiserr

Kate is the founder of Wiserr, a platform that provides a place for the wiser generation to share their valuable experience and skills with people who are seeking specific services.

Stuart Kruger (Presented by Makala Ffrench Castelli) — HELPA

HelpA, is an innovative and comprehensive digital health app which provides a platform for therapists and subject matter experts to connect with parents and carers from anywhere in the world. HelpA will go live on Apple and Android Apps in the coming weeks.

Raex & Maurizio MurilloFIBO

Raex and Maurizio are the the father and son team behind FIBO, an innovative enterprise focused on the efficient collection and processing of the raw waste fibre from harvested crops for commercialisation in the sustainable textile, paper, automotive, construction, decorative and medical industries.

Matthew RowanProcess PA

Matthew is the founder of Process PA, a modern easy-to-use governance portal for associations, clubs, not-for-profits and businesses. Process PA helps to manage your governance by automating the processes needed to keep boards running smoothly.

Brylee Langley — Leveler

Brylee is a mum of two dyslexic children and the founder of Leveler. She knows how hard it can be when a child struggles to learn to read so she decided to build her own system. Leveler is a breakthrough reading system for dyslexic learners and struggling readers.

Andrew C. Galloway — DoNATION

Andrew is the founder of DoNATION, a platform that provides innovative ways for donors to raise money for Charities, Not-for-profits and Associations in Australia and overseas.

Cody Fraser and Paul BarberProperty Census

Cody and Paul are the co-founders of Property Census, the property platform which connects all stakeholders in the property development, services and marketing industries.

Anne-Marie WaltonKidsWantu

Anne-Marie is the CEO and founder of KidsWantu. She is a multi award winning, pocket rocket, and is using technology to build better family relationships by making parenting easier and kids happier.

Ed Ross and Dan AllenTradeMutt

Ed and Dan are the co-founders of TradeMutt, and are mates on a mission. They are absolute characters and their shirts are almost as colourful as they are but their passion for this project is very plain and clear. Their goal is to tackle mens suicide in Australia and in doing so, make Aussie tradies look great, feel great and be part of a movement that will change the face of mens mental health forever.

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